One Minute Art, Long Island Edition

•October 11, 2011 • Leave a Comment

As I spent a lot of time on Long Island, I thought it only proper to represent them through One Minute Art.

Let’s make it a game.  I’ll give out a print of one of the images below to the first person to guess the location of either image.  I need either a street or a specific name of a location.  I’ll give a print of both to the first person who can guess the app/apps used to make these images!




On The Set

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Since the beginning of the industry, filmmakers have spent an unheard of amount of time crafting environments that contribute to the stories they are trying to tell. From the latest summer blockbuster to the smallest student film, this continues to be a part of everyday life.

So, Charles Brogdon has taken this to a new level. His book, On The Set: Famous Hollywood Studio Sets in Miniature is a great collection of the most famous sets in the entertainment industry. They are recreated in great detail with wonderful accuracy in Legos.

Yup. You heard me. Legos.

Check out his work here. His books are available through the website.

One Minute Art

•September 7, 2011 • 2 Comments

Working in a profession so hung up on the latest and greatest technology is a pain in the ass.  Everyone wants to value your work by the technology it was created on, not the quality of the content. We call them people pixel-counters.

So, in true revolutionary fashion, I have created a body of work with no technological prudence at all.  A body of work created in minutes with only a simple, single button camera on the Iphone.

The one minute art comes into play like this; after each photo was taken, I gave myself only one minute to enhance it using only apps.  Now I have my favorites, such as the Best Camera app from renowned photographer and filmmaker Chase Jarvis, or the Photoshop Express app from Adobe.  But the choices are limitless.  They even have apps for video editing, like Splice.

The pics can be seen here.  Keep checking back as this project gets underway.

As an experiment, I invite everyone to upload a “one-minute artwork” to this post.  It can be a photo, video or even a photo of a sketch.  The only limit is it can’t take any more that one minute to make.

Have fun, be creative and surprise yourself!


Let’s Play A Game

•April 28, 2011 • 2 Comments

Look at the image below. Comment with the first thought that enters your mind. Let’s see what the consensus is.

This should be fun!


Stupid Lions

•April 25, 2011 • 1 Comment

Talking to my neighbor, Charlie, this morning. During our conversation Charlie let this one out.

“There are no stupid lions, slow wildebeests, monkeys that can’t climb trees or ants that cant pull their own weight.”

Can anyone sum it up any better?

As artists, our life is full of doubts. Delusions of insignificance and worthlessness often override our thoughts. We become overwhelmed, and sometimes we get stuck.

Try looking at yourself as a producer of art instead of artist. A lot of things change. We can free ourselves to just create. No judging. No expectations of quality or content. Just enjoying the medium in which we work.

You will find that you have more energy to create art when you are not wasting your time and efforts on the future possibilities or the past failures. I’m not saying I’m perfect. I still get caught up in that at some point almost every day. And it’s ok. But look from the outside and recognized that part of you is hiding from doing what you LOVE. Let that sink in. Hiding from what you LOVE. Does that make sense to anyone?

Charlie’s next statement went like this…”I tell my daughter ‘Don’t be the stupid lioness today.'”

I think of myself as a wildebeest. But that’s just me.

Finding Dennis is on IMDB!

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Last night I received an email from Anthony Bradford. Anthony plays the leading male actor in the film. When I read the news I grew super anxious to see it up finally. Its been a few weeks since it was first submitted. The cool part is they have to verify and approve every film posted. Seeing Finding Dennis there was pretty cool.

For those of you who do not know, it is the premier source of information about the filmmaking and entertainment industry. You can find pretty much everything about anyone there. If you’ve never been there, this is your chance to pay it a visit.

I invite you to keep checking back for actor bios, behind the scene pics, teaser clips and to follow the journey of “Finding Dennis”.

Giving Back

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There is nothing quite like owning a business in the town you grew up.  A special connection is formed, and sense of community is shared.

That feeling brings out the desire to give something back.  The last six months have started something special for us.  From local churches to sports teams, we are getting involved in all our town has to offer.

Our latest venture…PHOTO SEMINARS.  Hackettstown is a great small town.  However, like most small towns, it lacks services found in larger metropolitan areas.  To help counter-act that, we have decided to run monthly photo seminars.

These seminars will cover everything from “What’s that button for” to advanced studio workshops in both still photography and video production and continue on a monthly basis.

If this sounds interesting to you, give us a call at 973.479.5469.  Class size is going to be limited.