Technology and stuff part II

So, the job went well.  A bit chaotic, but well.  My usual modus operandi for this client is to stage these shots in interesting rooms with about :30 of shoot time.  On this day…it was not to be.  A perfect spot to work with my new-founded friend E-TTL.  After today it’s more like a lover.  Here’s why.

The instructions were simple.  Get some classroom shots of this teacher, while she’s teaching, and don’t be disruptive to the class.  WHAT??!!  After a short pause for my internal conniption I decided this was the only method that makes sense.  I rigged two 580ex II’s to stands on either side of the room and used Canon’s wireless trigger to set them off.  This way I could change ratio and main light direction without a lot of fussing with the gear.  Now, these aren’t artwork by any means.  But they do show how easy it can be to get what you need.

Any questions?  BUZZZZZZZZZ. Class dismissed!  I always wanted to say that…

~ by Robert Michael Productions on December 11, 2009.

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