Photowalk with Emotions

Today was that day. By 10:30 today I was emotionally frozen. Deciding to not let that affect my work, I went for a walk. These walks are a very positive part of my life. My mind has permission to shut-off and just react to what is around me. In the world of commercial work, deadlines, paperwork, etc, there just isn’t always time.

As I had to run some errands, I decided to do my walk at a strip mall (Oh, yes, I am from New Jersey), After my errands, I grabbed my camera and went. I shot about 150 frames in an hour and a half. What struck me when I looked at them in the computer was the sense of isolation that came from many of the frames. It wasn’t intentional, but it was there. A reaction to my morning.

I guess the lesson from today is this: your emotions, regardless of your ability to control them, affect everything you do. Don’t fight it. Let it ride and bask in the fruits of your labor!


~ by Robert Michael Productions on July 28, 2010.

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