Art and kids

Today I witnessed the beginning of creativity in my 5 year old boy. Choir. Some of you may know that I can’t sing. Not even a little bit. Oh well.

Either way he has started his journey, a journey I started with my grandma when I was his age.

My grandma is an artist. She is an 80-something years young, legally blind artist. For my entire life, I have never received a birthday card or Christmas card that was store bought. To this day she makes every card she sends out. Hanging in my bedroom is a portrait she gave my wife and I as an engagement present. It’s me, dressed as a clown, proposing to my wife, who is smoking (she doesn’t) while sitting on a box of dynamite. And then there was a Nelf. Yeah, there’s a story there.

So, as I sit here witnessing the beauty that is art being stimulated in my little boy, I think of my grandma, and hope that I can have that effect on somebody. Hopefully my children, but I’ll settle for anybody.


~ by Robert Michael Productions on October 5, 2010.

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