Giving Back

There is nothing quite like owning a business in the town you grew up.  A special connection is formed, and sense of community is shared.

That feeling brings out the desire to give something back.  The last six months have started something special for us.  From local churches to sports teams, we are getting involved in all our town has to offer.

Our latest venture…PHOTO SEMINARS.  Hackettstown is a great small town.  However, like most small towns, it lacks services found in larger metropolitan areas.  To help counter-act that, we have decided to run monthly photo seminars.

These seminars will cover everything from “What’s that button for” to advanced studio workshops in both still photography and video production and continue on a monthly basis.

If this sounds interesting to you, give us a call at 973.479.5469.  Class size is going to be limited.


~ by Robert Michael Productions on January 14, 2011.

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