Stupid Lions

Talking to my neighbor, Charlie, this morning. During our conversation Charlie let this one out.

“There are no stupid lions, slow wildebeests, monkeys that can’t climb trees or ants that cant pull their own weight.”

Can anyone sum it up any better?

As artists, our life is full of doubts. Delusions of insignificance and worthlessness often override our thoughts. We become overwhelmed, and sometimes we get stuck.

Try looking at yourself as a producer of art instead of artist. A lot of things change. We can free ourselves to just create. No judging. No expectations of quality or content. Just enjoying the medium in which we work.

You will find that you have more energy to create art when you are not wasting your time and efforts on the future possibilities or the past failures. I’m not saying I’m perfect. I still get caught up in that at some point almost every day. And it’s ok. But look from the outside and recognized that part of you is hiding from doing what you LOVE. Let that sink in. Hiding from what you LOVE. Does that make sense to anyone?

Charlie’s next statement went like this…”I tell my daughter ‘Don’t be the stupid lioness today.'”

I think of myself as a wildebeest. But that’s just me.


~ by Robert Michael Productions on April 25, 2011.

One Response to “Stupid Lions”

  1. Good post, brother. Glad we’ve reconnected. And glad to see you doing something for which you have a passion. That’s rare these days.

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