One Minute Art

Working in a profession so hung up on the latest and greatest technology is a pain in the ass.  Everyone wants to value your work by the technology it was created on, not the quality of the content. We call them people pixel-counters.

So, in true revolutionary fashion, I have created a body of work with no technological prudence at all.  A body of work created in minutes with only a simple, single button camera on the Iphone.

The one minute art comes into play like this; after each photo was taken, I gave myself only one minute to enhance it using only apps.  Now I have my favorites, such as the Best Camera app from renowned photographer and filmmaker Chase Jarvis, or the Photoshop Express app from Adobe.  But the choices are limitless.  They even have apps for video editing, like Splice.

The pics can be seen here.  Keep checking back as this project gets underway.

As an experiment, I invite everyone to upload a “one-minute artwork” to this post.  It can be a photo, video or even a photo of a sketch.  The only limit is it can’t take any more that one minute to make.

Have fun, be creative and surprise yourself!



~ by Robert Michael Productions on September 7, 2011.

2 Responses to “One Minute Art”

  1. Didnt you know that the Iphone is the official camera of LA!?…Interesting concept.. now can they get it to shoot Raw!!!!

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